Our Experts

Marie Otsuka

Fertility Coach, M.A.N. R.N. B.S.N. SBN E.N.
Certificate in Initiatives on Fertility Experts on ART Singapore

With over a decade’s worth of experience at the Advanced Centre for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) Singapore, Marie Otsuka is highly skilled in the field of gynaecology and fertility. A typical day for Marie can involve seeing up to 20-30 obstetrics-gynaecology and IVF patients – and she’s amassed quite a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the specific challenges that Singaporeans face with getting pregnant.


Before she was working with her patients in Singapore, Marie was teaching at the College of Nursing, University of Southern Philippines Foundation as an Associate Professor (Clinical). In her tenureship, Marie spared no effort in imparting her expertise, and groomed talented young students who would go on to make a difference in the lives of many.


As a fertility coach, Marie works with dieticians, therapists, and specialists to come up with a customized fertility plan for her patients. In doing so, she has personally guided thousands of patients to successful conception – including many who were previously suffering from infertility. With her kind and compassionate demeanour, as well as her ability to empathize, Marie isn’t just a fertility coach – she’s also a friend and a confidante who offers her support and counsel, every step of the way.

Vivianna Wou

Certified Nutritionist

Vivianna is a Certified Nutritionist, a Food Development Technologist and Nutritional Consultant. Prior to working in the private practice with the Tanglin Medical Centre and Mount Alvernia Hospital, Vivianna helmed the Food Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where she was in charge of food audits, operations and meals planning for the patient.


Apart from her experience in hospitals and medical centres, Vivianna also speaks at health seminars organized by food companies such as Nestle and Cerebos. Vivianna is a member of the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, Singapore Institute of Food Science & Technology, British Nutrition Foundation, and the Society For Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition Singapore.

Sandy Siew

Personal Trainer

Sandy is a Spinning Instructor, Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer for reputable gyms in Singapore such as True Fitness and Virgin Active. She is certified and licensed in various courses, including Fletcher Pilates Matwork, Pilates Body Science (Movement Anatomy), and more.


Having worked in the fitness industry for over a decade, Sandy is extremely passionate about helping her clients increase their fitness and wellness levels. Her personal achievements including winning the Powerman Malaysia Duathlon Sprint in 2006, as well as placing in Singapore’s Oakley City Duathlon and Singapore’s Vertical Marathon. Sandy is also an avid triathlon and marathon participant; the events she has completed include the Standard Chartered Marathon, Osim Singapore International Triathlon, Port Dickson International Triathlon, Desaru Long Distance Triathlon, and more.


Yoga Instructor

Faye is a registered yoga teacher who specializes in yoga therapy for spinal alignment and balancing chakras through yoga. Having practiced yoga for over 20 years, Faye is committed to using yoga as a medium to help individuals reestablish the connection with their own bodies, and couples rediscover each other.


In Faye’s yoga sessions, she uses music, candles, essential oils to create a sacred space for sensuality; this allows couples to bond intimately and work on their relationships. Through her practice, Faye also seeks to introduce her students to asanas (yoga poses) which will rebalance their bodies and renew their energy. This includes asanas which alleviate period discomfort, asanas which align the reproductive organs, and asanas which strengthen your core and reproductive area.

The BeNatural Promise

Borne out of a desire to do more.
At BeNatural, you come first.





Having over a decade’s worth of experience in one of the leading IVF centres in Singapore, the team behind BeNatural was inspired to come up with an alternative programme that would address the shortcomings of current solutions. At BeNatural, you come first. Our promise to our couples is that we take the time to understand your situation, as well as the challenges you’ve faced in attempting to conceive naturally. Our personal fertility coaches, who will guide you through your journey, are always on hand to provide support and advice.